MiTechs Solutions is a computer and web services company in Bloomingdale that specializes in getting small businesses up and running, plus solving all the IT nightmares that come your way. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes who need anything from a basic website to selecting and integrating the right equipment for the latest cloud applications your industry (or your customers) demand.

Our goal is to be the best hassle-free web services and IT partner you can have. That means no project is too small or question too out there for us to help you with, any time.

So, let’s answer a few of your burning questions.

WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?2020-08-17T16:32:58-05:00

I don’t know! Contact us to get started and see what MiTechs Solutions can do for you.

WHY SHOULD I WORK WITH MITECHS?2020-08-17T12:58:46-05:00

You mean besides the cool name, expert staff, and the support of your favorite devices?

Our customers like us and keep coming back because we deliver quality products and services, but we’re honest and a little humble about it. The goal here is to give you a down-to-earth understanding of what would work for your situation, and present you with options on how to achieve it.

No matter what problems you’re facing, sites you need created, or support you lack, we want to make you comfortable with a fix that you can afford.


Apple’s products were a big hit early on with the artistic, design, and IT crowds, but now they’re making their way into businesses more often than not. We’ve seen them installed in dental offices, lawyers offices, and even a classy restaurant or two.

Lots of people love their iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more. And we think you should bring what you love to work with you.

So, we’ll help you understand what Macs and Apple devices can work with your network and give you the support you need to properly control, manage, and maintain them.

WHY THE NAME MITECHS?2020-08-17T12:57:51-05:00

We’re big fans of IT, technology, and service with a personal touch. So, we thought the name was a great way to reflect that. We also want you to feel involved because all of our services and work depend on delivering great support to you, from new websites to figuring out how to add Macs to your workplace.

At the end of the day, the goal is for both our team and our customers to look at the finished product with a smile and think “that’s my tech.”

WHAT’S YOUR STORY?2020-08-17T12:57:15-05:00

What began as a one man show, has turned into a full out ensemble.

MiTechs Solutions has been lucky enough to have great customers who have allowed us to grow into a complementary blend of techies and designers. That means we can go from idea all the way to execution and deliver things that you love.

We love what we do, and it shows in our work. You get some of the best minds in the business who thrive in a relaxed atmosphere. That allows us to create unique experiences for you, and ensures you get all the personal attention that your product needs.


Ready to get your project started or want to learn more about what we can do for you? Give us a call at 630.446.0204 or drop us a note with the form below. We look forward to you becoming our next success story


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